New Zealand Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a quick and efficient way of getting clients to your business fast. The possibilities with PPC are endless as you will be able to see instant results. Pay-per-click marketing can be very costly if not done right, that’s where we come in. Our team have years of experience in getting the best returns with PPC marketing. 


Pay Per Click

Pay per Click also abbreviated as PPC, can be defined as an internet based advertising model whose sole purpose is to create traffic in website. Advertisers or advertisement owners pay search engines such as Google or website owners whenever an ad is clicked.

PPC is a reliable way of ensuring that your website is visible to the targeted audience when searches are conducted in various search engines.

Google Partners

To believe that we are in this for good reasons, we have partnered with Google and our main objective is getting you on Google. We prioritise customer satisfaction and create the leads that are required to generate sales through our PPC package. Our advertising techniques for search engines are built in a way that maximizes conversion rate at possibly lowest prices. We deeply understand the need to uphold a highly respected brand image and for that reason we use our expertise at creating awareness for your brand online and enable you deliver only the best into the industry.

Pay Per Click Services New Zealand

Superior Optimisation

Get optimal results

For optimal results with PPC, get our team of specialists to go through your campaign and strategize on the best way to help you achieve your goals. Our bidding strategies are both portfolio-based and rule-based to facilitate optimal results. At Cmee we understand the importance of getting the most out of your budget, we use strategies that has the best returns for your PPC budget. 

search engine optimization New Zealand
Pay Per Click Services New Zealand

Winning Sales Ads

Helping you succeed with your business

The only way to gain competition advantage over other competitors is by allowing us to offer you our PPC services. We have the expertise needed to create ads that are geared to attract the right audiences and deliver them into your website. We are your solution into emerging as a winner in your competitive industry.

Pay Per Click Services New Zealand

Maximise Market Reach

Helping you succeed with our PPC experts

Our PPC expertise and several years of experience will enable us use your keywords to reach out to a wider audience all while keeping in mind your estimated budget.

Ranking/Status Reports
Pay Per Click Services New Zealand

Campaign Analysis

Results driven campaigns

Want to ensure your campaign is creating the results that you aim to achieve? Our PPC experts strive to create results that can be felt or seen and they achieve that for you by working with the right keywords and other result driven strategies. All this is achieved while ensuring that your budget is fully utilised.

Pay Per Click Services New Zealand

Effective Targeting

Targeting your customers with ease

With our expertise, we know best how to easily get large numbers of people into being aware of your brand existence all while utilizing your budget in every possible way.

For high return on investments any day, contact CMEE for effective digital marketing strategies that will catapult your business or brand to levels of success.



At CMee, we are here to ensure that your advertisement investment returns on top search engines like Google campaign are guaranteed the sooner you sign up for the same with us. We also guarantee an increase in user traffic towards your website which is a reflection of business growth. Go ahead and contact us using the provided contact information for enquiries.