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Cmee is digital marketing website based in Auckland, New Zealand.  We specialize in new age online marketing products and services at very affordable rates. Check out what we have to offer below or contact us for more information 

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Welcome to CMEE, your one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Our aim is to provide you with all the products and service you will need to get online in New Zealand. We Specialize in :

We will help you get started with DevelopingMarketing and Ranking your website in NZ. We are here to help you get online and reach the top. Check out what we have to offer below or contact us for more information 


At CMEE, We offer everything that you will need to get online. Check out our list of products and services below.  

SEO Service New Zealand


At Cmee we offer affordable Search Engine Optimization products and service to help you rank better.

Pay Per Click Services New Zealand


We offer pay per click advertising product and service to help you get more customers to your business.


At CMee we offer simple and affordable website design products and services to get you online fast.

Ranking Matters

To be able to succeeded in today’s digital world you need to rank in the first page of major search engines and to do that you need  SEO. We offer free and paid search engine optimization products and services to small business like you. If you are struggling with your ranking and need help with your SEO in Auckland NZ then check out our Search engine optimization section, it has all the FREE and affordable SEO products and services to help you rank. 

Spend money to make money

Pay per click marketing is one of the fastest way to get more customers to your site or business. If the PPC is done right you can get a lot of potential customers without spending a lot of money. The return on your investment will out-way the cost. If you are  struggling with your pay per click advertising and need some help then check out our PPC section. It has FREE and paid information and services about pay per click marketing in New Zealand.   

Simple Affordable Websites

At Cmee, we offer simple and affordable websites to get your business online. Our sites are designed using worlds leading WordPress platform trusted by millions of business all over the world. If you need a simple and affordable website built for your business then check out our web design section. It has all the FREE and paid products and services about website design and development in New Zealand.  

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At Cmee we offer some of the best solutions when it comes to advertising options in New Zealand. We specialize in latest  advertising strategies and software to get the best returns for our clients. Check out some of the latest advertising opportunities New Zealand has to offer when it comes to digital marketing. 


Social Media Ads

The silent giants in Social Media Marketing are continuing to show great success in advertising

Local Ads

Sign up for Google’s latest advertising strategy and stay at the cutting edge of the industry with CMee

Gmail Ads

CMee’s Gmail Ads package allows you to reach potential customers by advertising directly in their inbox.

What Clients Say

Check out what some of our clients have to say about our service. 

Very professional service. Staff are easy to deal with and love the fact that they go beyond in terms of working with me on problems and opportunities unique to MY business versus just telling me 'how it should be done'. A true strategic business partner and I value their contribution to my business.
After 5 years of trying to grasp SEO, cMEE have helped not only with behind the website core SEO activity to improve my online presence but the knowledge I have gained is just what I needed. Fantastic team of experts that go above and beyond to help.Thanks Cmee SEO Team.
Was recommended this company from a friend. Website has started to bring in customers for first time. First time with Adwords and Facebook advertising, it really works. Would recommend
The team at Cmee have been great. Very responsive and a true business partner. Our Account Manager has really supported the business through this process and given us great suggestions on developing our digital profile further. They have worked with both our internal and external web team, and after a short period of time we are see both sales and web traffic successes.

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What is SEO ?

SEO in simple terms is Search Engine Optimization, which means making your website stand out in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. SEO helps bring in more visitors to your site and makes it move up in the search ranks organically.

Why do i need SEO ?

In today’s digital world everyone is trying to get more customers to their website and to be on the top you have to have your website optimized for search engines. Only the top few websites will have most of the visitors and to be on the top you will need SEO. Gone are the days where anyone can make website and be on the top of search engines like Google. 

How much difference will i see with SEO ?

You will see a major difference in your website performance in the search engine if SEO is done properly. Depending on your website position in the  search ranking a good SEO strategy will make a lot of difference and will bring in more customers to your business. 

Can i do my own SEO ?

Yes you can do your own SEO, if you are a small business and you know the basics of SEO then you will bale to incorporate search engine optimization to your website. There are plenty of resources online that you can use to make your website rank. Word of caution if the SEO is not done right it can do more harm than benefit, so be carefull. 

How much does SEO cost ?

SEO cost anywhere from $200 a month to over $10,000. It all depend on what you want to do, how fast you want to do it and to what extent you want to go to rank your website. Basic SEO for a simple website will cost you around $200 per month and will take about 3 to 6 months to see the full effect of the optimization. 

Where To Get affordable SEO in NZ ?

Cmee provides affordable search engine optimization in New Zealand. We have been one of the best SEO agencies that offer SEO services at very affordable rates. Our focus is to build relationship with our clients and take their business to the next level. 

Contact us for better start

At CMee, we are here to help you get online and rank better in the search engines. We offer FREE and Affordable digital marketing products and services in New Zealand. We specialize in  Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and other digital marketing services. We are here to help you succeed.