Local Ads New Zealand

One of the fastest growing online marketing strategies used by leading digital marketers is local ads. This latest development in Google’s online marketing tools, Local Ads are specially designed attract potential customers in your local area. With proper use of Google’s Local Ads service you can literally direct your customer direct to your business. 


Local Ads

The local search ads are viewable in different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or even desktops and are featured on the apps for Google Maps. They can also be found on extended map results. Single ads appear when using Google Maps App evidently in a purple label at the top side of the search results. A search within Google Maps will result to two purple labeled ads. There are also Google Maps ads with yellow labels for searches which are conducted within results for Google’s expanded maps.





Business Local Ads

The first rule for any existing business that has a physical location is to facilitate location extensions for ads to be visible. This is followed by checking to verify that the information at Google My Business is up to date and also complete. The information should be correct to enable potential customers find you easily.

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Promoted Pins

Pins are the future

These are going to be introduced very soon by Google and it is a feature that will enable your business be visible or easy to find for potential clients and users who happen to be nearby. They are in purple labels for easier noticing and once tapped they will provide more information regarding the business being promoted.

Fully Customisable

Your Way

To generate more traffic to your physical store, the specific location pages are customized by advertisers with relevant details such as addresses, driving directions and contact numbers. Offers and promotions will also be included in bid to increase both foot and driving traffic to your store or business location. In applicable scenarios, inclusion of local inventory will also be facilitated by the advertisers.

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Online Local Inventory

Product to sell

For the purpose of making it clear that a particular product is in stock, a convenient display of an inventory was found to be useful in ensuring people or potential customers made their way to your store. To enjoy this feature, a submission of your inventory to the Google Business team is required.

Local Ads New Zealand

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