Website design and development  with elegant website graphics and content from CMee. If you are looking for simple, affordable and effective websites in New Zealand, then we can help. Our staff can design and build affordable websites to get you online fast. Get a free quote today !


Web Design

Our specialist team of web designers use state of the art template based designs to develop and publish websites. Most of the sites are designed and built on WordPress platform that is currently trusted by millions of web designers all over the world.

At CMee we believe in doing the job right, which is why we use trusted template designs to build every website to ensure your personal vision of your website will be upheld. We work with you to design and develop a website that you will be happy with. 


Small Business Website

Affordable Websites

website design nz


Search engine ready sites

Our team of web developers in Auckland work closely with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to develop websites that are search engine friendly and follow the webmaster guidelines. All our sites are developed with the on page Search Engine Optimisation in mind so you know that you are getting the best possible start. 

Web Design NZ
Quality SEO

User Friendly Design

Make it easy for customers

Our team understand the importance of developing a user-friendly site that retains users. We have been developing websites for past ten years and understand what works and what doesn’t . A lot has changed over the past few years, so what worked few years back is no longer applicable. Our designers based in Auckland New Zealand understand what works locally and incorporate it into user friendly websites. For more information please feel free to contact us 

Competitive Analysis

Stunning Website Designs

Looks the part

With websites first impressions is what decides if a user is going to stay or bounce away to your competitors site. Our team will analyse your market and develop stunning website that will appeal to your customers to interact with the site and your business. 

Quality SEO

Website Content

Content is king

Convince your users to choose you by having content that is personalized to your customers and gives the right amount information needed to help with the decision making process. We have writers all over the world that are specialist in different markets who can write great content to suit your website needs. Getting the content for a website is crucial and getting this right will make a huge difference with customer and the ranking in major search engines like Google. 

Competitive Analysis

Tailored to Business Requirements

Tailor-made website

We understand that different business need different types of websites we specialize in   

  • Commerce (selling stuff online )
  • Provide Service (Cleaning Company )
  • Information site 
  • Educational site 
  • Classified site 
  • Auction sites 
  • etc 

We highly recommend you tell us about what you are looking to get out of your website. We can help you boost your products/services and explain what you are offering to potential clients in the best possible way. 

Quality SEO

Better Search Engine Ranking

Helping you succeed with your business

Our team can design and develop Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready website that focus on providing great customer experience and also gain visibility on Google.

CMee specialises in digital marketing so rest assured you will be in good hands with all your web design needs in New Zealand

Competitive Analysis

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Edge over your competition

Our websites will give you a competitive edge over your rivals and appeal to your existing and potential clientele. A good design website will also give you the opportunity to compete against the rest while allowing growth of your company’s brand.

Quality SEO

Customised Graphics

Made to measure

At CMee, we can work with to develop logos, banners and other graphics for your website and your business. Our team will take your suggestions and create original graphics that are tailored to show the best of your company. We also have access to some of the best graphics designers from around the world who can work with us to develop what you need. From logos to full page ads we can design and develop something to suit your needs. 


At CMee, our vision is to create stunning websites at affordable prices. We can help you grow your business online and get more customers. Our simple and affordable websites will get your business online fast. For more information please feel free to contact us  >>

Website Design New Zealand
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