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3 simple tricks that will help you in ranking with Google. If you are looking to improve your ranking in Google search engine then you need to know these 3 simple tricks. These simple tricks have helped a lot of our clients to improve their ranking in Google search results. Check them out now 


1 : Get Reviews

Whether you’re a small business selling bespoke plastic googly eyed seashell crabs or an ex private eye turned accountant with a heart of gold, you’re gonna have a reputation. And you need to be proactive in making sure that reputation is of a benefit to you. If you get on particularly well with a client or customer just ask them if they’d mind taking 5 minutes out of their time to leave you a review on Google businesses, tripadvisor or the bathroom stall (the last one’s a joke). But be sure to tell them to be honest.


People are weary of reviews that are too good, and are more likely to purchase something with 4 stars than 5 stars! We all know not to trust anything with lots of positive reviews. The only thing that breaks the rule is Breaking Bad. That’s just good TV.

3. Get Active

One thing that a lot of the recent SEO studies have shown is that google loves a lengthy bit of expert text on a subject. They love it as much as cartoon dogs love fire hydrants. So get out there and write up some fresh, useful, informative, intellectual, challenging, valuable, insert adjective here, content. Content, content, content. People like to read engaging texts about the stuff they’re into.

Write useful information, share your knowledge and experience, and make it worth reading. Remember that time the old man showed you the secret to making a great turkey sandwich (sweet onion relish and a squeeze of lime). Tell these stories on your site, on your blog, make them relevant to what your sites about and get talking. Give yourself a routine, do a blog every Friday when you’re feeling good about the weekend. Post it up and give people something to read over the weekend. As the internet grows more mature, content is king! So be an emperor.

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2. Get Social

Maybe you’re the life of the party? Maybe you’re the person who sits in the corner with the dog, avoiding eye contact with anyone while desperately hoping a fire alarm goes off. Just so you can sneak home to reread the Victorian murder mystery you’ve been enjoying so much lately… Either way it doesn’t matter, when it comes to your online presence, you’ve got to get social. Whether it’s a picture of your cat stuck in a sleeping bag on Facebook, or a tweet about a flash sale in your store. These social activities on social networks drive engagement and traffic to your site.


These boosts in popularity will have google noticing that your page is something people like to engage with. If you have a comments board with regular commenters, even better. Encourage discussion. Whose better Kanye or One Direction? Who’d win in a fight Batman or Superman? Is geothermal energy a future solution to our current energy crisis or should we realistically look at nuclear energy as a potential option for our growing power needs, and what are the possible ramifications of those? 

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People have opinions, and they like to voice them. Especially older people, and seemingly angry 14 year old youtube commenters.  Use them to your advantage as this will help you rank with major search engines like Google and Yahoo