Gmail Ads New Zealand

Gmail ads allows you to reach potential customers by advertising directly in their inbox. It is one of the best ways to advertising without the hefty cost. For more information and gmail advertising options please feel free to .


What are Gmail Ads?

So what exactly are Gmail Ads? These are ads which are designed to appear on the promotions tab of Gmail accounts of the targeted clients’ inboxes. They are directed to specific user Gmail accounts based on their account activities and how relevant the ads are to them. These types of ads became available to advertisers in the year 2015. For high success rate with Gmail ads, they have to be relevant to those they are sent to so that the chances of them being opened and acted upon can be high.

Gmail Ads

In Simple Terms

Types of Ads



Gmail Ads would be of significant benefit to chain stores, businesses with stature on a national or international level or even businesses with a large budget, wanting to introduce Gmail to their campaign. However, it must be noted that relying solely on Gmail Ads within NZ at this stage may not prove effective


Competitor Keywords

Competing in the next level

You can directly target people interested in your competition
Yes – that’s right. In addition to targeting your own brand terms, Gmail Ads also allows you to be keyword targeting your competitors’ brand terms. People who are in the market for your competitor’s products receive emails from your competitors that mention their brand terms, which you can use to advertise in their Gmail accounts instead.

Targeting the trademarks of your competitors is a clever way for you to potentially steal some sales! The fact that they’re in the market for a similar product or service will also dramatically increase your Quality Score and lower your CPCs.

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Deep Click Analytics

Tricks of the trade

For healthy and successful advertisements campaigns with Gmail Ads, there is the need to find out what exactly targeted Gmail account owners do after clicking an ad open. Monitoring the forwards and website links clicks will help you track down how exactly your campaigns are faring.


Four Different Ad Formats

One for everyone

Gmail Ads offer four different ad formats to choose from including;
– Gmail image template
– Gmail single promotion template
– Gmail multi-product template
– Gmail catalogue template


Gmail Ads New Zealand

If you are looking for an effective way to reach out to your potential customers without paying heavily for the same then Gmail Ads has you covered. The best part is that you get to contact them directly via their inbox. Contact us at CMee for more insights on how this and other digital marketing strategies can lift up the image of your brand or business.